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Books and articles for inspiration

The Icehouses of Britain  Sylvia Beamon & Susan Roaf, 
        1990, Routledge,  ISBN 0-415-03301-2 
        (a few are available from the author 25.00 plus P&P)
THE work on British Icehouses, includes a gazetteer by county

Icehouses (a Shire Album)  Tim Buxbaum, 
        1998,  ISBN 0-7478-0150-9

Harvest of the cold months  Elizabeth David, Michael Joseph,  1994, 
        By Penguin 1996  ISBN 0-14-017641-1 (OOP)

Ice and Icehouses Through The Ages with a gazetteer for Hampshire   
        Monica Ellis, 1982,  ISBN 0-905280- 04-0

Petworth House Ice House  R.G. Martin, Sussex Industrial History 13 1982

Ice Houses in Brighton  R.G. Martin, Sussex Industrial History  14 1984/5

Ice Houses in Sussex R.G. Martin, Sussex Industrial History 24 1994


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